Here at KBH we have a long and proven track record of working with the Housing Disrepair Field. Our staff are vastly experienced both working directly for large Housing Associations and Local Authorities and contractors.

If you are the defendant in the Legal Disrepair Case and have either been put on notice or have received a letter of claim, we are here to help you. We know what it takes to work within the Pre-Action Protocol and understand the need to ensure that there are no breaches.

We have the ability to provide two levels of service to you:

Gold Service:

We are able to inspect the property on your behalf, produce a Survey and Report which will deal with all items in the letter of claim. We can pre-inspect, post inspect and diligently report along the way! In addition, we can then undertake all aspects of the work in a timely and professional manner in order to bring a resolution to the issue. Please note we do not act as an expert witness or replace the legal representation you should have.

Silver Service:

Do you already have your specification and need to have the works undertaken? Then let us know. We are fully versed in this field and understand the need for excellent communication, record keeping and detail so that you have the information to defend yourself in court or hold a strong hand in settlement negotiation.

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